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Synesthesia is the perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory pathway (like hearing) leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in the second sensory pathway (like seeing).

The compositions are short pieces that feature improvisation in different ways. When I reflect on the process that resulted in these compositions, my personal interpretation of the Visions Fugitives by Prokofiev comes to mind: Prokofiev’s pieces are fleeting, experienced intensely in the moment and then remembered in the unconscious, like dreams in which detailed events take place, which are diluted into memories of strong atmospheres after awakening.

Nevertheless, the question whether sound or music is related or connected to anything else outside of sound is unanswerable; the question why people listen to music emerges from within that question.

Possibly, the answer can be found in dreaming. We only realize after a dream that the events that took place were completely illogical and absurd, while making perfect sense in the dream itself, dreams being places of seemingly limitless imagination. When experiencing art, we can immerse ourselves into a moment devoid of the limits of our capacity to think within the boundaries of time and logic, as if we are dreaming. In my experience, my favorite art conceives such a state. When optimally performing music, improvised or composed, a similar state of mind is achieved by the performer, inviting the audience to stop thinking and start dreaming.

Liner notes by Floris Kappeyne

Full line up

Floris Kappeyne – piano, synthesizer
Tijs Klaassen – bass
Wouter Kühne – drums

Janneke Stoute – voice on IX
Isa Mirallas – voice on X
Isla Van Hout – voice on X
Laura Polence – voice on X
Laura Dooge – voice on X


Release: FMR0015

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