Floris Kappeyne (1995) is a pianist, composer and active in the Amsterdam jazz scene for 10 years. With a background in jazz and classical piano, and a special interest in bringing together American jazz and the European classical world, Floris leads several projects such as the Floris Kappeyne Trio and Echo. He also plays as a sideman with bands such as the Tijs Klaassen Quintet, Anti Panopticon and the Motet. As part of the Week of Jazz 2021 he received a composition commission for the Echo collective. The collective consists of a unique ensemble with nine singers, synthesizer, two pianos and percussion. Together they create an interdisciplinary performance, a true gesamtkunstwerk. His most recent album in collaboration with Zennez records 'Half of What I say is Meaningless' is his debut as a solo pianist.  



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01 sep

Floris Kappeyne Trio


Zutphen, NL

17 sep

Floris Kappeyne Solo

Theater Orpheus

Apeldoorn, NL



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Photo's by Charlotte Mendez

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FEATURED: Floris Kappeyne Solo

"Half of What I Say is Meaningless"

From the liner notes of the album that Floris wrote personally:

"...During the darkest months of last winter, I descended into a darker state like many people around me. It felt like I had been confronted with the very real toll that the pandemic is taking on the mental health of many.

I decided to set out on a journey on foot from my home in Amsterdam to a recording studio near the border with Germany to record an album of fully improvised music to reflect on this moment in my life..."



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